What Makes Us Unique

Macmillan Estate Planning Unique Principles

What Makes Us Unique

Expert advice & exclusive client care

Here at MacMillan Estate Planning, we look at estate planning differently. We believe that having a well-designed estate plan goes far beyond the effective transfer of wealth to the next generation. It is about protecting your bloodline and ensuring that you, and your family, experience the quality of that you deserve. It is about living life today and making sure that the ones you love are taken care of.

To do this, we provide expert advice and exclusive client care. This means that you are not just a client number on a file folder. We take the time to understand your situation, and estate planning needs, so that we can create a comprehensive and personalized estate plan that considers every aspect of your life. We want to be sure you're protected while also helping you enjoy the benefits of your hard work. 

MacMillan Estate Planning Principles

  • We Tailor Creative Solutions to Fit Each Family’s Unique Circumstances – Each estate plan we structure is completely personalized.

  • We Have the Freedom to Do What’s Best for Your Family – We operate as independent and unbiased consultants and are not limited to company sponsored products – we are able to find the exact solution you need to assist in your unique situation.

  • We Take the Time to Get to Know You – By understanding your family, lifestyle and goals we can create an estate plan that meets all of your needs.

  • We Care About Your Family – The estate planning process is personal and as we learn about you and your unique situation, we become committed to your family and its success.

  • We Know You Would Rather Be Doing Something Else – We don’t want to make you wait in line or waste time travelling between different experts. With MacMillan Estate Planning, you get a comprehensive estate plan and the expertise of multiple professionals under one roof. This means you have more time to spend with your family and enjoying your wealth.

  • We Don’t Just Protect Your Wealth – We help you maintain a high quality of life. Securing your wealth for your future and family is important, but we also know that you want to enjoy your success.

You can spend more time enjoying the finer things in life,
when you've built your estate strongroom with us.

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