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Private Estate Planning
for Affluent Families

MacMillan Estate Planning is committed to safeguarding your family’s significance. Our whole business is driven from this point of view and helps define our holistic and comprehensive approach to estate planning.

We believe estate planning is really about life planning for now and for the generations to come.

This year we are celebrating 20 years of helping client families proactively protect and manage the assets and the legacy they have worked so hard to build.

In designing your estate plan, we take time to thoroughly understand your concerns and hopes for the future. Only then do we design and implement a customized estate plan.

What makes us Macmillan unique

What Makes Us Unique

What sets MacMillan Estate Planning apart is our approach the planning process. While other estate planners commonly focus primarily on the technical tax and legal aspects, our approach starts with the human side of estate planning. It’s about getting to know you as a person, what is important to you, and what issues your family may be facing. Understanding your family's unique dynamics is the key to building exactly the right plan for you and your family.

Learn What Makes Us Unique

The Macmillan Estate Strongroom Approach

The Strongroom Approach

The term Strongroom originates from a period of time in past centuries when royalty and noble class families would build highly secured rooms to protect their wealth, important legal documents, and treasured heirlooms. Today, in modern society, skilled estate planners build powerful estate plans that are like a Strongroom. MacMillan Estate Planning designs comprehensive estate plans that reflect your life and legacy goals. We Safeguard Your Significance.   

Secure Your Family's Future

Estate Planning VIP Service

Superior Client Service

MacMillan Estate Planning provides superior service backed by a wealth of experience and expertise. Our in-house specialists make you feel welcome as they guide you through the planning process. Estate planning doesn’t have to be drudgery. It’s actually an opportunity to tailor a plan that helps you reach your goals and experience the quality of life you work so hard for. Superior client service is at the center of what we do and how we work with you.

Enjoy Our Superior Service


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