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Celebrating Over 25 Years. CANADA | USA | UK


Celebrating 25 Years in Estate Planning CANADA | USA | UK

The Strongroom Approach

Secure and Safe macmillan estate planning process

The Strongroom Approach

Secure your future for yourself & your family

The Strongroom is the historical equivalent of a modern day vault; it was once used by royalty and noble class families to protect their wealth, important legal documents, and treasured heirlooms. Today, the assets of modern wealthy families are protected by skilled estate planners who shield their estates by enacting strategies to minimize tax and ensure the proper management of investments.

Equally important, estate planners help bequeath a family’s legacy to the next generation, thereby giving purpose to a lifetime of achievements. To do this, our MacMillan Estate Planning team focuses on four key elements: The Life Plan, Legal Plan, Tax Plan, and Legacy Plan. By focusing on these four areas, we create the cornerstones of your estate plan’s Strongroom, ensuring that your wealth is properly protected and effectively managed. Your significance will be expertly safeguarded. 


The Strongroom Process

MacMillan Estate Planning recognizes that prosperity always comes with a unique story. As a result, we established a process to ensure our estate plans are comprehensive enough to meet each client’s unique needs.

For every client we meet, we go through the following stages to create a comprehensive and complete Estate Plan:

[fa icon="plus"] 1. Complimentary Consultation
This is an opportunity for you to meet with us and find out more about our comprehensive estate plans. We will review your current plan, financial position, and future objectives to provide you with recommendations which are specific to your situation.
[fa icon="plus"] 2. Getting to Know You
This is a crucial part the estate planning process. At this stage, we take as much time as we need to learn about you and your family to ensure that your comprehensive estate plan will fulfill your family's needs and help you reach your goals.
[fa icon="plus"] 3. Life Plan
Your Life Plan is the driving force behind all other facets of your comprehensive estate plan. By considering your current and future objectives, your Life Plan ensures that your estate is structured with your desired quality of life in mind.
[fa icon="plus"] 4. Legal Plan
Your Legal Plan is the foundation of your comprehensive estate plan. It will ensure that your wishes are met before, during, and after your passing. Key documents will include: a will, a power of attorney, a personal directive, and trusts.
[fa icon="plus"] 5. Tax Plan
Tax Planning focuses on minimizing the impacts of taxation for you and your family. With income tax being one of the driving forces behind estate planning, your Tax Plan is vital to preserving your wealth, now and in the future.
[fa icon="plus"] 6. Legacy Plan
A Legacy Plan acts as a second life plan, preserving your wealth once it transfers to your heirs. Protections, similar to those in place for yourself, will be applied to your beneficiaries, ensuring that your family's wealth and significance are safeguarded.
[fa icon="plus"] 7. Closing Consultation
At this stage, we will do a final review to ensure the estate plan is complete. Once we certify that all your needs are met, we will finalize the documentation, so you can go enjoy life knowing that your family and your wealth are protected.
[fa icon="plus"] 8. Family Meeting
The Family Meeting is an opportunity for your family to meet with our professionals, so that we can explain important elements of the estate plan which could affect them, and answer any of their questions.
[fa icon="plus"] 9. Annual Reviews
After we have created your comprehensive estate plan, we encourage you to re-visit your plan on an annual basis or whenever there is a significant change that would impact your overall objectives. This way your estate is always up-to-date.

We provide the cornerstones to protect
what is important to you and your family.

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