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Filing Taxes on Behalf of the Deceased

  Apr 20, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Tax Planning, final taxes, tax filing

Balancing Inheritances: When One Child is Taking Over Your B...

  Apr 16, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Business Succession, inheritance, family inheritance, capital gains

Permanent Life Insurance as an Investment

  Apr 10, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Tax Planning, capital gains, life insurance, permanent life insurance

Missteps to Avoid During Tax Season

  Apr 05, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Tax Planning, tax missteps, tax returns, joint accounts, employment insurance, notice of assessment

Reporting on Trust Income Tax Returns

  Apr 01, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Tax Planning, Trust Planning, trusts, trust income tax returns, tax returns

Charitable Giving and Taxes

  Mar 28, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Tax Planning, Charitable Giving

Financial Senior Abuse

  Mar 24, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Estate Planning, choosing estate trustee, financial senior abuse, senior estate planning

Revision to the Liberal's Income Sprinkling Rules

  Mar 19, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Estate Planning, Tax Planning, tax changes, liberal tax plan, income sprinkling, tax on split income

Tax Planning for Canadian Families

  Mar 13, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Estate Planning, Tax Planning, family estate planning

Should You Plan Your Own Funeral?

  Mar 07, 2018   |    [fa icon="folder-open'] Estate Planning, funeral planning

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