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The Strongroom Process

We make estate planning simple. You will have a principle planner, who will walk you through the following process to build your customized Strongroom.

We ask pertinent questions to understand what is truly significant to you; like an architect, we create the blueprint of your Strongroom. We will employ the most innovative and creative legal, tax, investment, and asset protection strategies available to ensure your Strongroom is secure and robust.

We will prepare your Last Will and Testament. We will also look at several other trust planning, tax planning, and investment planning strategies. We can do this in-house employing our lawyers, accountants, and financial planners, or work with your current go-to professionals. For more complex estate planning strategies, such as an estate freeze or company reorganization, we will discuss the approach and pricing for these in addition to the standard quoted amount.

We will include your family in the design and implementation of your Strongroom when required and necessary, especially if you see them as critical to executing components of your plan. When your Strongroom is complete, we will invite them to a formal family meeting to present your decisions to them.

Depending on the stages implemented, we recommend a schedule of care and review, which usually takes place on an annual basis post completion of your estate plan.

We are committed to the protection of you and your family’s future. To begin designing your comprehensive estate plan, come in for your complimentary consultation.

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