Macmillan Estate Planning Fees & Prices


MacMillan Estate Planning is unique in that we operate as independent and unbiased consultants.

Once you come in for your complimentary consultation and your estate has been evaluated, a customized quote will be provided. This quote is based on the number of hours that it will take to both design and implement your comprehensive estate plan.

It is important that your estate plan meets your unique circumstances and this means that we need to get to know you before we begin planning. We do not want the stress of the clock ticking and hourly costs accumulating to affect our understanding of your situation or the effectiveness of your estate plan. For this reason, our comprehensive estate plans are charged out at a flat rate which encompasses the completion of your estate plan within a one-year period. This means you will never be confronted with hidden fees or unexpected costs and you will have the flexibility to complete your initial estate plan on your time.

During this time, we will gather information and records related to your estate and financial position, discuss objectives and possibly interview those who have a legal or moral claim to your estate. You will also meet with multiple MacMillan Estate Planning experts during this time. If services are performed by third party professionals, whether it is someone in your current team or individuals we recommend, charges for their services will not be included in the flat rate.

After we have created your comprehensive estate plan, we encourage you to re-visit your estate plan on an annual basis or whenever there is a significant change that would impact your overall objectives. To review and update your estate plan, you will be billed at our standard hourly rate. For further information about hourly rates, please contact our offices.

We are committed to the protection of you and your family’s future.
To begin designing your comprehensive estate plan, come in for your complimentary consultation.

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