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The Importance of Discussing Wealth Transfers

  Feb 28, 2023   |    Estate Planning, inheritance, MacMillan Estate Planning, Wealth Transfers, Wealth, Affluence

How can Canadian Snowbirds avoid US tax implications?

  Sep 02, 2022   |    Tax Planning, inheritance, family estate planning, tax plans, canadian revenue agency, tax returns, Canada Revenue Agency, CRA, Enhanced Tax Planning Strategies, snowbirds

Do You Have the constitutional right to disinherit your chil...

  Nov 18, 2019   |    inheritance, family inheritance

Addressing the Topic of Inheritance with Your Family

  Jun 05, 2019   |    inheritance, family inheritance

What Should You Leave Behind for Your Grandchildren?

  Jan 16, 2019   |    inheritance, family inheritance, grandchildren

What's the Difference Between an Heir and a Beneficiary?

  Nov 23, 2018   |    Estate Planning, inheritance, beneficiary, heir

Bequeathing Significant Heirlooms in Your Estate Plan

  Nov 19, 2018   |    Estate Planning, inheritance, family inheritance, heirlooms

Protecting an Inheritance from Divorce

  Oct 18, 2018   |    inheritance, family inheritance, divorce

Who Should Inherit Your Investment Properties?

  Sep 20, 2018   |    inheritance, investment property

Balancing Inheritances: When One Child is Taking Over Your B...

  Apr 16, 2018   |    Business Succession, inheritance, family inheritance, capital gains

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