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Elder Abuse Prevention: Protecting Against Abuse of Power

Don’t Save it for a Rainy Day: The Importance of Proactive Estate Planning

Navigating the 2024 Federal Budget: Estate Planning Strategies for Canada’s Wealthy

Spring Cleaning for Your Estate Plan: Refresh, Review and Renew

Maximizing wealth through tax and investment planning – it’s about more than luck

Love Beyond a Lifetime: Why February is an ideal time to consider estate planning

A Strategic Start: Why Revisiting Your Estate Plan Should Top Your New Year's Resolutions

Harmony for the Holidays: Balancing Quality Family Time and Relaxation while Looking Forward to the Future

Navigating the Canadian Economy Post-2023 Fall Economic Statement: Insights and Strategies

The Somerville Duplex: A Tale of Restoration, Vision and Community Cooperation

Safeguarding Your Wealth: Navigating Canada's Fall Economic Statement of 2023

Shaping Your Financial Landscape: Estate Planning Insights for the Closing Months of 2023

Ensuring the Legacy: The Art of Business Succession

The Importance of Family Trusts

Estate Planning During the Summer Months

Estate Planning After Separation or Divorce

The Importance of a Tax Plan

Tax Mitigation Strategies with the Release of the 2023 Budget

Protecting Your Investments During Times of Uncertainty

The Importance of Discussing Wealth Transfers

Protecting Yourself from Fraud and Scams

Revisiting Your Estate Plan in the New Year

How can Canadian Snowbirds avoid US tax implications?

How can you guarantee your retirement income in a world full of risk?

How Can You Protect Your Retirement Income Stream From Inflation?

The 10 Strangest Inheritances of All Time

How Could a Pent House Pay for your Elder Care?

How Can You Lock In Substantial Tax Savings Before The CRA's Interest Rate Hike?

How Does the Federal Budget Impact Wealthy Canadian Families?

Ukraine-Russian War: How Can You Protect Your Wealth from Market Volatility?

How Can You Protect Your Assets from a Bank Freeze?

Tax Mitigation Strategies Ahead of the 2022 Budget

What is the TFSA Limit for 2022?

Attention Canadian Snowbirds: Are You Setting Yourself up to Pay Too Much Tax?

Is a Controversial Wealth Tax Coming from the Election Results?

How to Transfer your Business to a Family Member

What Documents need Updating during a Divorce?

Is Your Child’s Inheritance Divorce-Proof?

Taking Back Control: Protecting Your Retirement and Legacy for the Future

A quick estate planning win for 2021: update your beneficiary designations

Protect your wealth in a volatile market

Estate Planning When Single

Estate Planning for a Child with Special Needs

Can the Legacy of Your Bloodline Stay Protected from Divorce?

Is the Equal Division of Assets the Same as Fair Division?

Reduce Your Family's Tax Bill With a Prescribed Interest Rate Loan

Protect Your Estate from a Future Inheritance Tax

Why Is It Important to Have an Updated Will?

Living Wills and Coronavirus

The Perfect Storm - Why Do an Estate Freeze Now?

How Do I Invest During a Bear Market?

Keep Calm and Carry On

How Do I Safeguard the Legacy of My Family Business?

Protecting & Growing Your Estate in Retirement

Is My Will an Estate Plan?

Do You Have the constitutional right to disinherit your child?

Addressing the Topic of Inheritance with Your Family

Estate Planning for Your Pet

How a Trust Can Help You Avoid Probate

Using Bare Trusts in Estate Planning

Property Transfer Tax in British Columbia

Where to Find Great Vineyards this Year

RRSPs, RRIFs, and Spousal Rollover

Make the Most of Gifts to Your Family

Strategies for a Blended Family

Should You Involve Family in Business Succession?

Equal Is Not Necessarily Fair - Avoiding Family Disputes

Preparing Your Estate for the Next Family Generation

Is Your Cottage a Family Treasure or a Family Investment?

MacMillan Estate Planning in Total Business Magazine

What Should You Look for in a Family Office?

Marvelous Winter Getaways

How Should Your Wealth Serve Your Family?

Technological Assets in Your Estate Plan

Can You Keep an RRSP or RRIF in a Spousal Trust?

Why You Need a Family Office by Your Side

What to Do Once You've Planned Your Will

What Should You Leave Behind for Your Grandchildren?

Estate Considerations for Your Family in the New Year

Estate Planning Means Peace of Mind

What If Your Will Is Contested?

Benefits of a Testamentary Trust

Death and Taxes: Planning for Deemed Disposition

When Should You Set Up a Living Will?

How Does Your Estate Plan Honour Your Life?

What's the Difference Between an Heir and a Beneficiary?

Bequeathing Significant Heirlooms in Your Estate Plan

Understanding Graduated Rate Estates

Reducing Your Tax Burden with an Estate Freeze

How Your Estate Plan Allows You to Take Control of Your Legacy

Estate Planning Considerations if You Have Chronic Health Issues

3 Mistakes People Make When Setting Up Trusts

What to Consider When Donating to Charity

Protecting an Inheritance from Divorce

Why Do Some Businesses Fail to Succeed to the Next Generation?

You Have “Retired” or “Simplified” - Your Assets Are Still at Risk

Join Us for a Taste of Progress!

Regional Distinctions in Power of Attorney

Discussing Your Estate Plan with Your Children

Naming Guardians for Your Children in Your Will

Who Should Inherit Your Investment Properties?

Explaining An Act to Strengthen Financial Security for Persons with Disabilities

Setting Up a Trust for Your Grandchildren

How Many Executors Should You Choose?

What to Know About Power of Attorney Across Provincial Borders

M&A Awards—Trust Planning Firm of 2018

Rewriting Your Will Now That You're Married

How Often Should You Update Your Will?

Estate Considerations as You Remarry

Estate Planning Before You Marry

Everything You Need to Know About Probate

Your Estate Is More Than Just a Will

Why Purchase Investment Property?

Lowering Your Tax Expenses with Charitable Giving

What's the Difference Between a Will and a Living Will

Continuation of the Family Business Once You've Retired

Preparing Your Child for Business Ownership

Common Myths Surrounding Wills

Discussing Prenuptial Agreements with Your Child

Estate Planning for Parents & Grandparents

Remember to Talk to Dad About His Estate Plan

Step-Grandchildren and Your Estate Plan

Beware Email & Phone Scams from the "CRA"

Updating Your Estate Plan Now That You're a Grandparent

Cherishing Mum's Legacy

Giving Large Gifts While You're Still Alive

Should Your Will Include a List of Passwords for the Executor?

Protecting Your Wife – Estate Planning for Your Surviving Spouse

Choosing Your Estate Executor

How Can You Protect Your Family Cottage from In-Laws?

Filing Taxes on Behalf of the Deceased

Balancing Inheritances: When One Child is Taking Over Your Business

Permanent Life Insurance as an Investment

Missteps to Avoid During Tax Season

Reporting on Trust Income Tax Returns

Charitable Giving and Taxes

Revision to the Liberal's Income Sprinkling Rules

Tax Planning for Canadian Families

Should You Plan Your Own Funeral?

Creating a Power of Attorney In Case of Incapacitation

Is the CRA Denying the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) to the Canadians Who Need It?

Tax Planning with MacMillan Estate Planners

Is 2018 the Year You Make an Estate Plan?

Are the Liberal’s Changes to Business Taxes Only the Beginning?

Financial Health Of Canadian Defined Benefit Pension Plans Starts 2018 with Near Decade-Long Highs

What You Need to Know About the New Laws Coming into Effect in 2018

The Importance of Updating Beneficiary Designations

The Importance of Leaving a Will

Advice for Those in Second Marriages

Why Start Your Estate Planning as Early as Possible

Probate & Estates, What You Need to Know

Make Your Estate a Priority This Year

Estate Planning for Those in Second Marriages

Trusts or Wills

3 Things to Consider When Selecting an Estate Trustee

Estate Planning Essentials for Singles

Let's Talk About the Liberal's Tax Plan for Private Corporations

Thinking About Your Estate Plan Over the Holidays

Who Should You Discuss Your Estate Plans With?

Protecting Your Estate from Divorce

What Does Probate Even Mean?

How Often Should You Review Your Personalized Estate Plan?

5 Estate Planning Tips to Avoid Family Inheritance Disputes

The Executor Checklist

What Is The Best Age For Your Children To Receive An Inheritance?

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Do-It-Yourself Will Kits

What is Probate?

Protecting the Family Cottage

Are Wages to Loan as Good as They Sound?

Tax Advice for Canadian Students

What Is Estate Tax And How To Deal With It

What Is An Estate Executor And What Is Their Role?

Handling Foreign-Based Estate Assets

3 Estate Planning Tips For New Parents & Grandparents

Is Canada Revenue Reviewing Your Tax Return?

Mirror Wills Versus Mutual Wills — What's the Difference?

Capital Dividends - A Tax-Free Withdrawal from your Company

Tax Planning Using Private Corporations - The New Liberal Proposals

Significant Changes to Small Business Owners

Are You One of the Many Canadians Whose Estate is at Risk?

Professional Advisors Resolve the Complexity of Estate Planning for Blended Families

Tax Planning: The Importance of Supporting Management Fees

Self-Employed Professionals Need to Know About This 2017 Tax Change

10 Ways Financial Abuse of Seniors Could Affect Your Estate Planning

Adding to Your Family? Key Estate Planning Consideration

Self-Employed Tax Return Deadline is June 15

Estate Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

Estate Planning Mistakes Ultra-High-Net-Worth Families Should Avoid

Avoiding Deemed Residency When You Frequently Travel to The United States

Changes to Beneficiary Reporting on Trust Income Tax Returns

Buying a Property in the US? Consider These Tax Implications for Canadians

Tax Planning: What You Should Know Before Buying or Selling a Home

Six Mistakes To Avoid During Tax Season

Seven Tax Saving Opportunities for Families

Nine Tax Saving Opportunities for Students

What You Can Expect This Tax Filing Season

Business Owners: Don’t Forget to File Your T4 and T4A Information

Transitioning Your Children into an Ownership Position

Successful Business Successions Start with Communication

Tax Planning for Seniors: 10 Popular Tax Credits and Benefits

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