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How Can You Protect Your Assets from a Bank Freeze?

  Feb 18, 2022   |    Tax Planning, estate plan, living trusts, canadian revenue agency, tax returns, final taxes, tax filing, estate freeze

Is a Controversial Wealth Tax Coming from the Election Resul...

  Sep 30, 2021   |    estate plan, tax plans, election

How to Transfer your Business to a Family Member

  Sep 10, 2021   |    Estate Planning, Business Succession, estate plan, estate freeze, Family Business, Family trust, bill c-208, Succession Plan, Retirement Plan, succeeding a business, capital gains tax

What Documents need Updating during a Divorce?

  May 25, 2021   |    Estate Planning, family estate planning, estate plan, family, personalized estate plan, divorce, lifestyle

A quick estate planning win for 2021: update your beneficiar...

  Jan 06, 2021   |    family estate planning, beneficiaries, estate plan

Can the Legacy of Your Bloodline Stay Protected from Divorce...

  Sep 01, 2020   |    estate plan, divorce, prenuptial agreements, spousal trusts

Is the Equal Division of Assets the Same as Fair Division?

  Aug 19, 2020   |    family estate planning, estate plan, equal division of assets, fair division

What You Need to Know About the New Laws Coming into Effect ...

  Feb 01, 2018   |    Tax Planning, updating estate plan, estate plan, tax plans, tax changes

Estate Planning for Those in Second Marriages

  Dec 27, 2017   |    Estate Planning, family disputes, inheritance, family estate planning, estate plan, family, second marriages

Trusts or Wills

  Dec 22, 2017   |    Estate Planning, Trust Planning, Will Planning, estate plan, trusts, choosing estate trustee, living trusts, testamentary trusts

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