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Estate Planning After Separation or Divorce

  May 08, 2023   |    Estate Planning, divorce, Wealth Planning, MacMillan Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Investment Planning

Tax Mitigation Strategies with the Release of the 2023 Budge...

  Mar 29, 2023   |    Estate Planning, Tax Planning, estate freeze, Investment Trust, Family trust, Tax Mitigation Strategies, Tax Mitigation

Protecting Your Investments During Times of Uncertainty

  Mar 14, 2023   |    Estate Planning, Wealth Planning, MacMillan Estate Planning, Wealth, Affluence, Asset Protection, Safeguarding Significance, Investment Planning

The Importance of Discussing Wealth Transfers

  Feb 28, 2023   |    Estate Planning, inheritance, MacMillan Estate Planning, Wealth Transfers, Wealth, Affluence

Protecting Yourself from Fraud and Scams

  Feb 01, 2023   |    Estate Planning, Trust Planning, CRA phone scams, CRA email scams, Protection against fraud and scams, Email scams, Phone scams, Fraud, Protecting your assets

Revisiting Your Estate Plan in the New Year

  Dec 30, 2022   |    Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Trust Planning, Will Planning, family estate planning, legacy, Wealth Planning, Succession Plan, Retirement Plan

How Does the Federal Budget Impact Wealthy Canadian Families...

  Apr 14, 2022   |    Estate Planning, Federal Budget 2022

How to Transfer your Business to a Family Member

  Sep 10, 2021   |    Estate Planning, Business Succession, estate plan, estate freeze, Family Business, Family trust, bill c-208, Succession Plan, Retirement Plan, succeeding a business, capital gains tax

What Documents need Updating during a Divorce?

  May 25, 2021   |    Estate Planning, family estate planning, estate plan, family, personalized estate plan, divorce, lifestyle

Estate Planning When Single

  Oct 14, 2020   |    Estate Planning, estate planning for single people

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