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Ensuring the Legacy: The Art of Business Succession

  Aug 15, 2023   |    Estate Planning, Business Succession, succeeding a business, MacMillan Estate Planning

How to Transfer your Business to a Family Member

  Sep 10, 2021   |    Estate Planning, Business Succession, estate plan, estate freeze, Family Business, Family trust, bill c-208, Succession Plan, Retirement Plan, succeeding a business, capital gains tax

How Do I Safeguard the Legacy of My Family Business?

  Mar 02, 2020   |    Business Succession, legacy

Should You Involve Family in Business Succession?

  Apr 08, 2019   |    Business Succession

Preparing Your Estate for the Next Family Generation

  Feb 28, 2019   |    Estate Planning, Business Succession, family inheritance, Family Office

Why Do Some Businesses Fail to Succeed to the Next Generatio...

  Oct 13, 2018   |    Business Succession

Continuation of the Family Business Once You've Retired

  Jul 07, 2018   |    Business Succession, family estate planning, estate freeze, retirement

Preparing Your Child for Business Ownership

  Jul 02, 2018   |    Business Succession, family estate planning

Balancing Inheritances: When One Child is Taking Over Your B...

  Apr 16, 2018   |    Business Succession, inheritance, family inheritance, capital gains

Is 2018 the Year You Make an Estate Plan?

  Feb 15, 2018   |    Estate Planning, Trust Planning, Will Planning, Business Succession, family estate planning, personalized estate plan

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