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How Does Your Estate Plan Honour Your Life?

Nov 28, 2018 9:30:00 AM The MacMillan Estate Planning Team Estate Planning


Much of estate planning involves preparation for death and discussion about proceedings that will take place after one passes away. Contending with mortality is not only personally challenging, it can also lead us to forget that an estate plan plays a crucial role in honouring life.

More Than Numbers and Paperwork

Given how much precise legal and financial planning it takes to properly prepare an estate, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of technical details at hand. It certainly doesn’t help that many estate planners are prone to lack the personal touch that is needed to be there for their clients on all the necessary levels. However, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of seeing your estate plan as more than a solely pragmatic and strategic endeavour. Both of these traits are needed for a plan to be legally and financially efficient, but the value of a well-developed plan goes beyond this. It should be seen as an integral part of how you will be remembered.

What You Leave Behind

Whether it’s bequests to family members and loved ones, donations to organizations or causes that are important to you, or the business you’ve worked hard to grow, your legacy will be made up of countless different elements. This doesn’t only represent your wealth, it represents your accomplishments and reflects upon your principles and values. In many ways, an estate plan serves to honour your life by acting as a snapshot of who you are. It helps to define the lasting impression you’ve made throughout your surviving family, business partners, and your community. When formulated the right way, your plan will do your memory justice.

Who Is by Your Side?

It’s key to remember that not all estate plans are capable of filling this role, not to mention satisfying all of the requirements for minimizing unnecessary financial losses, legal hurdles, disputes, and other common issues. To have a plan that is entirely effective in maximizing wealth while also honouring your life in the way that you deserve, you need the right estate planning specialists by your side. Firms that can maintain this versatility and balance are few and far between, but when you find one, it can radically transform your legacy. Not only this, but it will make the process of preparation far more manageable and truly worthwhile.

For years, MacMillan Estate Planning has developed plans that are both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. It’s our job to be right there with you every step of the way. Call 1 (833) 266-6464 and we’ll give you everything you need to create the best plan for you and your family.

At MacMillan Estate Planning, our team of professional trust and estate practitioners, chartered accountants, financial planners, and legal professionals look forward to assisting you with the design of your estate plan and will ensure you build, protect, and enjoy your wealth. The information provided is general and may not be suited to your objectives or sufficient to ensure the protection of you and your family. You should not act on this information without providing MacMillan Estate Planning with the opportunity to ensure that it is suitable for your unique situation.

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