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Do you know how to ensure your charitable donations will be carried on long after your passing? Or how to safeguard your business during a transition? Do you know how to guarantee your cherished family properties will stay in the family for years to come? Listen to The Strongroom and learn how to create a legacy for yourself and your family, with the help of expert host Sheri MacMillan.


March 25th, 2017, The Collaborative Approach - Unfortunately, many estate planners often ignore important "family dynamic" issues. They focus on efficiently transferring possessions and financial assets while minimizing taxes. Important as those goals are, they ignore the broader picture. Holistic estate planning addresses the family’s realities by including grown children in the process of planning the transition from one generation to the next. On this week's edition of The Strongroom, Trust and Estate Planning Specialist, Sheri MacMillan sheds new light on this timely topic in advance of the upcoming MacMillan Estate Planning seminar, Thursday evening, March 30th.

Tune-in to The Strongroom to learn the secrets of sound estate planning from one of Canada’s premier estate planners. As the Senior Trust & Estate Practitioner and President of MacMillan Estate Planning, host Sheri MacMillan has helped hundreds of families attain their estate planning goals and has been a guest on “Talk to the Experts” for the last seven years.

Sheri will share her in-depth knowledge, offering insight and creative solutions to all your estate planning needs. Her advice and tips will help you protect what matters most – your family and your way of life.

The Strongroom focuses on estate plans and how they affect families just like yours. Discover how vitally important it is to prepare a proper estate plan and protect your family’s legacy for generations to come.

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